To all Olicity Shippers:

We saw this: image

And this:image

And then we had to deal with this:image

And this:image

And this too:image

We’ve been through a lot: image

But now, finally, our prayers have been heard:image



"Believe me, Professor. I’ve been asking myself the same question for six years."


Cosima’s dancing appreciation post 


Seestras Sarah, Alison, Cosima & Helena are taking a break from all the #CloneClub madness and getting down with brother-seestra Felix and Kira in this eye-poppingly clonetastic dance sequence from the Orphan Black Season Finale.

Watch the making of this groundbreaking scene, thanks to Intelligent Creatures (, the visual effects company behind BBC America’s Orphan Black.

The song in this scene is “Water Prayer,” by Adham Shaikh – Mat the Alien Remix -

#CloneClub Dance Party.


God, we’re so different, all of us.

Just dance.


Happy Birthday Life Ruiner!

Here’s some webbonso as a celebration since it Webbonso Wednesday too!

It was good to race you for the last time

She’s got ice in her heart and a kiss on her lips, and a vulnerable side she keeps well hidden.

New Who Doctors + their first full episodes as The Doctor.


harry potter meme seven relationships [3/7] - the golden trio